Art Therapy in Rio De Janeiro

A recent trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil led me to a center for art therapy on the outskirts of town.  I met with the center director Luiz Mellon, and learned about the founder of this center Nise Da Silveira.  Nise was a revolutionary psychiatrist in Brazil, who felt that real progress could be made through art, animals, and afetividade (Portuguese for affection).  I visited Nise’s library, and the archives of the center that house more than 300,000 patient art works.  According to Luiz, “Nothing happens without afetividade!”  Here are some pictures of the center and the art work.

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Un voyage récent à Rio De Janeiro, Brésil m’a amenée à un centre de thérapie par l’art à la périphérie de la ville. Ce centre a été fondé par Nise Da Silviera, un psychiatre révolutionnaire au Brésil.  Elle a estimé que des progrès réels pourraient être apportées à travers l’art, les animaux et afetividade (c’est le portugais pour le mot affection). J’ai visité la bibliothèque de Nise et les archives du centre qui abritent plus de 300.000 œuvres d’art qui viennent des ateliers pour les patients. Selon Luiz Mellon, le directeur, “Rien ne se passe sans afetividade!” Voici quelques photos du centre et des oeuvres d’art.

IMG_0957 outside the center teeny tiny signs marked the pathway Archives Santa Paws IMG_0956 IMG_0955 IMG_0952 Inside the Art Studio

Published by Julie Cutelli

An EAL teacher, counselor, social work, and art therapist with over eighteen years of teaching and counseling experience in the international school setting. My educational background includes studies in art therapy, social work, and international education, and numerous workshop experiences with children who have autism, learning difficulties, or are gifted. I am currently an EAL teacher at the International School of Paris.

2 thoughts on “Art Therapy in Rio De Janeiro

  1. “Come, butterfly
    It’s late-
    We’ve miles to go together.” – Matsuo Basho
    Best of luck on your new flight. Those who trust in you are in for a ride…and a flight into knowing themselves better!
    Bisous, Petite Bleue! Alice

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