An Article Posted in the European Federation of Art Therapists

Dear Readers, Earlier this year, I started an art group during the pandemic called Artxercise. With friends and acquaintances, we created visual art, took photos, sang songs, made videos, and ended up getting to know each other and supporting each other. I wrote about this special experience for DeVisu, the newsletter for the European FederationContinue reading “An Article Posted in the European Federation of Art Therapists”

Calling all Collographers

I am a huge fan of Cassie Stephens… the amazing art teacher that posts videos and lesson plans for kids and families, especially during this difficult time.  I was browsing her site for ideas, and came across the concept of collo-graphs, cutting and pasting scenes with cardboard, to be able to make rubbings and prints.Continue reading “Calling all Collographers”

Staying Creative at Home

With children forced to stay indoors because of the COVID-19 pandemic, their world has been reduced.  School, the park, teachers, peers, friendships, and routines have vanished in lockdown.  For children this is particularly hard, and they can be feeling powerless, scared, and small at this time. To help children feel as though they have choicesContinue reading “Staying Creative at Home”

Stop Motion Animation and Social Skills

Computer class at summer camp.  I had never thought that this would turn into a weeklong project about movie making, social skills, and story telling.  In the context of an international summer camp, I recently worked with two teens, an eleven year old and a sixteen year old, both on the autism spectrum. The contextContinue reading “Stop Motion Animation and Social Skills”

Meet the newest member of the therapy team

Miss Paddy!  Her recent arrival on the scene has created client led scenarios dealing with social skills and theory of mind.  Her interactions have deeply involved the client, but at the same time he can smile and say, “You know it’s only a puppet.”  And when she first starts to work with a new clientContinue reading “Meet the newest member of the therapy team”

Parents et Enfants

Parent and Child Art Therapy Sessions/Séances Parents et Enfants Parents and children need to find a way to connect with each other in this busy world.  Spending quality, constructive time together is sometimes difficult.  I work as a faciltator between you, your child, and the artistic medium to create a special moment between you.  IContinue reading “Parents et Enfants”

I am the art studio, but your child is the artist

Le Cadre. I could be referring to a suit who works at a bank in Paris. But I’m not. Le cadre in french is a bank manager, a picture frame, a stretcher. In art therapy, most clients are not looking for a bank manager, a hospital stretcher, or a picture frame.  They are looking forContinue reading “I am the art studio, but your child is the artist”