Staying Creative at Home


With children forced to stay indoors because of the COVID-19 pandemic, their world has been reduced.  School, the park, teachers, peers, friendships, and routines have vanished in lockdown.  For children this is particularly hard, and they can be feeling powerless, scared, and small at this time.

To help children feel as though they have choices and control in this difficult time, I invite parents to present the idea of making games with their children.  Children can make the rules, the game characters, and the game board with their ideas and questions. It is also an excellent way for children and families to connect through play and will give parents the opportunity to interact with their children around subjects other than “Did you do your work for school?”  It is a valuable way to have children practice writing and spatial awareness away from screens.  I encourage my clients to use the ideas of the game snakes and ladders to add fun and a little danger to their games.

The game featured is a game that I created for friends for the New Year, to work towards more happiness.  I use it as an example when I am working with kids!

Published by Julie Cutelli

An EAL teacher, counselor, social work, and art therapist with over eighteen years of teaching and counseling experience in the international school setting. My educational background includes studies in art therapy, social work, and international education, and numerous workshop experiences with children who have autism, learning difficulties, or are gifted. I am currently an EAL teacher at the International School of Paris.

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