Calling all Collographers

I am a huge fan of Cassie Stephens… the amazing art teacher that posts videos and lesson plans for kids and families, especially during this difficult time.  I was browsing her site for ideas, and came across the concept of collo-graphs, cutting and pasting scenes with cardboard, to be able to make rubbings and prints.  I worked with a friend and her family, and we decided to imagine scenes of places that we would like to be, instead of confined in our apartments.  We created a field of flowers, a desert scene, and riding a huge wave in the ocean.  These collo-graphs can be simple enough for young children to create with just a few shapes, and more complicated for older children and adults to stay interested as well.  It is also a way to introduce some magic, in a way that everyday objects can be transformed into art making materials.  This is powerful for children and adults, who might think that they need fancy art making materials to create.


Published by Julie Cutelli

An EAL teacher, counselor, social work, and art therapist with over eighteen years of teaching and counseling experience in the international school setting. My educational background includes studies in art therapy, social work, and international education, and numerous workshop experiences with children who have autism, learning difficulties, or are gifted. I am currently an EAL teacher at the International School of Paris.

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