Letting go

In this difficult time, I created an art therapy prompt to help with how to let go of negative thoughts that hold us back.

Start by folding a piece of A3 paper in half

On the inside left hand flap of the paper, make a list of what you are holding on to that no longer serves you.

On the inside right hand side, begin to draw as many balloons as you have items on your list. Fill the balloons with symbols or words that represent your list.

Draw yourself or your hand in the bottom left corner holding on to the balloons.

Re-fold your paper, and on the outside, draw yourself or your hand letting go of the balloons.

Visualise yourself setting these thoughts free.

Published by Julie Cutelli

An EAL teacher, counselor, social work, and art therapist with over eighteen years of teaching and counseling experience in the international school setting. My educational background includes studies in art therapy, social work, and international education, and numerous workshop experiences with children who have autism, learning difficulties, or are gifted. I am currently an EAL teacher at the International School of Paris.

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